Exferno – Decent Adults (music video)

Video for the new track by Exferno. It available on Swedish Electro, Volume 4 and the full single release will soon be out on Spotify, iTunes et.c.

Vampire Knight – Requiem for Detroit (music video)

Video for the new track by Vampire Knight. It available on Face the Beat: Session 3 that can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

Vampire Knight – Tobacco Junkies

Vampire Knight released a new single with the music video to go to it.

The music can be downloaded from Last.fm or Internet Archive. It will also turn up on most streaming services in a few weeks or so.

Vampire Knight – Dark Forest (music video)

When out walking with my new camera I made a (very) simple music video to one of the older Vampire Knight tracks.

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Vampire Knight sneak peak

ExtraOver at Satanic Panic you can watch the sneak peak video with one of the tracks from the upcoming Vampire Knight release.

Vampire Knight – Satanic Panic (music video)

Vampire Knight – Going Underground (music video)

Vampire Knight – After Sunset (official music video)

Made a simple music video for one of the Vampire Knight tracks.

New release by Vampire Knight

When we are approaching Halloween what better way is there to celebrate it than with some ? Right now the first EP by Vampire Knight is released. You can get it as a free download right here on Last.fm right now or wait a few weeks until it hits Spotify, Rdio, iTunes et.c.

If you haven’t done so also please check out the tracks by Egil the Eagle.